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About Me

I'm a professional, personable, and hands-on business manager and technology evangelist with progressive experience in product, partner, and business development roles. I'm skilled in the ability to target and then collaborate with clients to achieve success in business transformation, planning, and launching new products, services and new business partnerships. I am an engaging speaker and storyteller who is also strong in project execution and closure.

I've worked for start-ups to enterprises: on-site, at home and abroad.

When I'm not at work, I enjoy skiing, riding and windsurfing (member of the TWC). Plus, the odd spin on a longboard. I'm not afraid of trying new things or taking on a challenge. I designed and built that longboard, ran my own tech business and dabbled in electronic music (see Apple Music link below).

I've lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada my whole life but have seen the world, travelling to Europe and Asia for business and pleasure. I also know my way around a kitchen and make a mean risotto.

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