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Hi, I’m a technology evangelist focused on partners and products.

Link: My thoughts on the intersection of the arts and technology

Link: A webinar I co-hosted on the UI of tomorrow

Link: My thoughts on using headless CMS to power smarter interfaces

Link: A webinar I co-hosted on creating smart interfaces

Link: My thoughts on using IoT for location-based analytics

Link: A webinar I co-hosted on creating better customer engagement in CMS with AI, A/R and interface automation 


Partnerships and Innovation


I’m very excited to join Scotiabank’s Digital Factory team. Here, I’ll be working my new colleagues to both enhance and optimize our impressive fintech ecosystem, towards supporting both push (showing what's possible) and pull (understanding what's needed) strategies with internal Scotiabank departments and business lines. More to come as I get underway.

  • Networker and influencer

  • Relationship builder

  • Partner and product development leadership

  • Adaptable, quick study 


I've worked with the organizations above and would welcome connecting with you if you're in the digital transformation space

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