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Hi, I’m a technology evangelist focused on partners and products.

Link: My thoughts on the intersection of the arts and technology

Link: A webinar I co-hosted on the UI of tomorrow

Link: My thoughts on using digital content managemen to power smarter interfaces

Link: A webinar I co-hosted on creating smart interfaces

Link: A webinar I co-hosted on creating better customer engagement in CMS with AI, A/R and interface automation 


Partnerships and Innovation


I recently joined Scotiabank’s Digital Factory team. Here, I enhance and optimize our impressive fintech ecosystem, towards supporting both push (showing what's possible) and pull (understanding what's needed) strategies with internal Scotiabank departments and business lines. More to come.

  • Networker and influencer

  • Relationship builder

  • Partner and product development leadership

  • Adaptable, quick study 


I've worked with the organizations above and would welcome connecting with you if you're in the digital transformation space

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